WCAS seeks to invest in market-leading healthcare companies that (i) reduce healthcare costs, (ii) increase quality of care or service, (iii) enable payors and/or providers to improve efficiencies and (iv) demonstrate proven business models with strong unit-level economics.  We have found that by targeting highly fragmented, complex or inefficient sectors with a combination of capital, strong management, and strategic vision, we can create operating models and businesses that deliver substantial value to patients, providers, payors and shareholders.

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, U.S. healthcare expenditures are projected to be approximately $2.9 trillion in 2013 and comprise roughly 18% of U.S. GDP. By 2021, U.S. healthcare expenditures are estimated to be $4.7 trillion and their contribution to GDP is expected to increase to approximately 20%.  WCAS believes that various segments within healthcare will continue to offer revenue and earnings growth rates in excess of broader economic growth.

Some examples of healthcare sectors in which we invest include facilities, providers, payors and medical technology.  In addition, we invest in healthcare information technology, which leverages both our healthcare and information/business services expertise.

WCAS believes that demographic changes, adoption of new technologies, and ongoing regulatory changes, which create near-term uncertainty and value dislocations, will generate attractive areas for investment opportunities in the years ahead.